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From A Garage Onwards...

With excellent academic credentials as an ENT surgeon and possessed with a wealth of knowledge of the specialty, in 1982, Dr.Shabbir Indorewala set out with a vision and resolve to excel in the profession. Paucity of funds was the only obtrusive bottleneck. Consequently, a small area of 14 square meters of a warehouse was refurbished to commence his ENT clinic. Though the space was humble, yet the clinic was equipped with the best clinical and diagnostic equipment, albeit, on a limited scale, given the meagre financial resources. At the time, this was the only private ENT clinic in the state of Maharashtra boasting of a Bell Microscope for ear examination in out patients and supported by an Apple computer with a dot matrix printer! To establish professional credentials and trust, a limited number of surgeries were performed at a nearby general surgical facility.

The overwhelming confidence and response of peers and patients encouraged Dr.Indorewala to upgrade the clinic in 1985. This was achieved by augmenting the set-up with a small operation theatre and a four-bedded nursing facility. The resolve to improve and excel is reflected in constant up-gradation of equipment and surgical instruments. A Leica microscope was acquired in 1993, one of only three in the state at that point of time.

Two decades later, after having established his professional excellence both on the clinical front and through high quality precision surgical skills, the entire facility was shifted to a dedicated premises of 3400 square meters having a constructed complex of 1600 square meters. The surgeon’s vision and purpose is well reflected in the built premises. At a time when “hyped” green-architecture concepts were little heard of, the institution provided a serene natural environment, aesthetically incorporated in its architecture. Today, the institution can justifiably proclaim to have set global standards in providing private health care within an extremely environment friendly setup. In doing so, the clinic has also achieved the social goal of reducing the ever-burgeoning carbon footprints.


1)   The technique of stitch-less ear surgery for replacement of ear drum (no scar around the ear), has been developed       and popularized by Dr.Shabbir Indorewala. He has been awarded with AOI-E.MERCK national award for the same.      The technique has also been published in national and international journals and is well recognized all over the        world.For this research work, Dr.Indorewala was invited in 2008 for a lecture at Harvard University, USA.

2)   RAF Cooper award was awarded to Dr.Indorewala for conceptualizing and developing anterior tympanotomy.

3)   The only institute in private setup with single specialty to have DNB accreditation for training postgraduates in ENT        in Maharashtra state.

4) The institute finds its privileged place in ‘LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS 2011’ (page 232) for highest number of stitch-less ear surgeries (5741)      done anywhere.

5)  Dr.Shabbir Indorewala’s name is included in Marquis Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare, Fifth Edition, 2004-2005.

6) The only hospital in North Maharashtra to have all advanced audiological equipments for early detection and treatment of hearing loss in      newborn babies.

7)  One of the few centres in the Maharashtra where surgeries for Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA) are performed.

8) The only institute in the country that has been conducting “Ear and Sinus Surgery Workshop” with hands on dissection (in collaboration with      V.P.Medical College) as an educational activity for fellow ENT surgeons. This annual activity is going on uninterrupted for last eleven years!

9)  One of the few centres in the country to have fully functioning cochlear implant centre for hearing impaired patients.


Institute Complex

  The institute is located in a 3400 square meters area and is in the heart of the city. The main bus stand, hotels, market area etc are all not more than 500 meters away . Golf club, jogging track, swimming pool, city gardens and Government District Hospital are all within 1.5km range from the institute . The institute is on the bank of River Nasardi , and is well connected by two prominent roads on its north and south sides . The south side road is a segment of inner ring road of the city.

 The area of the institute is vibrantly green, with trees all around and a well-maintained garden with numerous bonsais,fruit trees, water plants, lawns and outdoor sitting arrangements.This encourages the visit of exotic avi-fauna making the clinic a veritable natural paradise.

To ensure the comfort of patients and visitors, there is a well-designated and adequate parking space in the premises.

It is an accepted fact that people with afflictions respond to treatment in surroundings which promote a sense of calm and harmony. In keeping with this view, the institute is designed with immense aesthetic care, and the building itself is of a single floor, artfully blended in a green, eco friendly surrounding.