Speech & Hearing Services


Communication is a special bequest to mankind. To be able to speak and share ones thoughts and knowledge is a boon cherished only by humans in this universe. But there are few individuals who are unable to experience this gift.

Their world is plunged into silence which has devastating effects on their lives. In the Dept. of Audiology and Speech Language Pathology we cater to such individuals. Since its very establishment, the Department has strived towards providing excellent clinical services, both diagnostic and therapeutic, to individuals with communication impairments. The department caters to children and adults with audiological problems, speech and language disorders.

It is backed by the innovative technological support for detailed and comprehensive audiological evaluation, aural amplification and rehabilitation, voice assessment, nasality measures, respiratory capacities and swallowing evaluations. There are also subjective tests ranging from proformas, rating scales, profiles and test batteries to assess the linguistic capacities, scholastic performances, articulation and fluency of children and adults.

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