Limca Limca Book Of Records 2011

Most stich-less ear surgerieses Dr.Shabbir Tassduquehusain Indorewala(Oct 13,1953)has performed 5,741 stich-less ear surgeries, a technique that he has pioneered at Indorewala ENT Hospital, DNB Institution & Research Center,Nashik,Maharashtra. For pioneering this technique he has been awarded the AOI E-MEARK Award, the highest award in original research in ENT given by the ENT Association of India.

Limca Book Of Records 2011

• RAF Cooper award was awarded to Dr.Indorewala for conceptualizing and developing anterior tympanotomy.

• The only institute in private setup with single specialty to have DNB accreditation for training postgraduates in ENT in

    Maharashtra state.

• The institute finds its privileged place in ‘LIMCA BOOK OF RECORDS 2011’ (page 232) for highest number of stitch-

   less ear surgeries (5741) done anywhere.

• Dr. Indorewala holds "National Award for development of Stichless Surgery".

Other Awards for replacement of ear drum (no scar around the ear),The technique of stitch-less ear surgery for replacement of ear drum (no scar around the ear), has been developed and popularized by Dr.Shabbir Indorewala. He has been awarded with AOI-E.MERCK national award for the same. The technique has also been published in national and international journals and is well recognized all over the world. For this research work, Dr.Indorewala was invited in 2008 for a lecture at Harvard University, USA.